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Wound healing

Wound healing

Wound healing is the process by which cells in the body close a wound with maximum regeneration or repair of the damaged tissue. This is a natural process which can be optimised therapeutically. The aim of wound healing is complete functional and cosmetic restoration

Primary wound healing

Primary healing (also known as “healing by first intention”) is only possible if the edges of the wound are smooth. It is also crucial that the edges are close together and the wound is free from bacteria and foreign bodies. Usually only a very narrow scar results. 

Secondary wound healing

Secondary healing (or “healing by second intention”) always occurs where there is a loss of tissue over a large area, for example with deep decubitus ulcers. This means that the wound must granulate from its base upwards.Only then can the wound granulate from the outside to the inside so that an epithelial layer is able to form.

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