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TRIGO Superabsorber

super absorbent wound dressing

TRIGO Superabsorber is a three-layer, sterile wound dressing consisting of an air-permeable, waterproof non-woven layer, a superabsorbent absorbent core and a hydropermeable non-woven layer.
The dressing keeps the wound environment moist, which in turn promotes the natural wound healing process. Wound exudate is drained away from the wound and held securely in the absorbent layer. The risk of maceration and damage to the skin around the wound is minimised.
The dressing must be secured with a secondary dressing.


Advantages of TRIGO Superabsorber:

high absorption capacity and safe containment of wound exudate
minimises the risk of maceration
outer layer is impermeable to bacteria or moisture
creates a moist wound environment
can also be used as part of compression therapy

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• moderately to heavily exuding wounds
• leg ulcers
• pressure ulcers
• diabetic foot ulcers
• dehisced surgical wounds









10cm x 10cm

20cm x 10cm

30cm x 20cm

Dispatch Unit


25 pcs.

25 pcs.

25 pcs.



TRIGO Superabsorber

TRIGO Superabsorber

TRIGO Superabsorber

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