TRIGOcolloid thin

hydrocolloid wound dressing

Advantages of TRIGOcolloid thin:

• self-adhesive

• slightly transparent (easy wound surveillance)

• does not adhere to wound

• atraumatic dressing change

• ideal moist wound environment

• bacteria- and moisture-resistant, but gas permeable


• lightly to moderately exsuding wounds

• Decubitus

• Ulcus Cruris of different origin

• Diabetic foot ulcers

• up to 2nd degree burns

• split-skin grafts

• abrasion

TRIGOcolloid thin is a sterile, hydro active and self-adhesive wound dressing for moist wound treatment. The dressing maintains a moist wound environment that enhances the physiological healing process.


TRIGOcolloid thin is permeable to gas but impermeable to liquids and bacteria. By contact with wound exudate the hydrocolloid transforms into a soft gel. Thereby it does not adhere to the wound and reduces any pain associated with dressing removal preventing trauma to newly formed tissue. This dressing is very flexible and suitable for the protection of sites exposed to rubbing and sheer stress.


In addition TRIGOcolloid thin allows a good observation of the wound due to its low thickness.








10cm x 10cm

10cm x 10cm

Dispatch Unit


10 pcs.

50 pcs.



TRIGOcolloid thin

TRIGOcolloid thin


• 3rd degree burns

• wounds extending into muscles, bones and tendons

• infected wounds