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TRIGOcolloid foam

self adhesive hydrocolloid foam wound dressing

Advantages of TRIGOcolloid foam:

• combines the positive characteristics of a hydrocolloid with the      

    advantages of a polyurethane foam

• good absorption ability

• self-adhesive

• atraumatic dressing change

• does not adhere to wound

• ideal moist wound environment

• bacteria- and moisture-resistant, but gas permeable

• low macerations risk due to an excellent exudate management

TRIGOcolloid foam is a sterile, self-adhesive hydrocolloid dressing with a polyurethane foam layer. The hydrocolloid layer is perforated and enables the overlaying polyurethane foam a fast absorption of the wound exudate. So the exudate is piped away from the wound without itself running dry. Thereby the risk of maceration is minimised.


The hydrocolloid matrix transforms to a soft gel by contact with wound exudate which maintains a moist wound environment espacially for low exuding wounds and thereby supports a faster

healing. TRIGOcolloid foam is user friendly, faciliates the exudate management and increases the patient comfort at the same time.







10cm x 10cm

Dispatch Unit


10 pcs.



TRIGOcolloid foam


• Decubitus

• Ulcus Cruris of different origin

• Diabetic foot ulcers

• up to 2nd degree burns

• post-operative wounds

• split-skin grafts

• abrasions

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